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I provide varied styles of working to best suit you.
Before embarking in my counselling and psychotherapy career I spent many years working in Tier 1 banks in the City of London and Sydney. I am well versed and experienced in organisational dynamics and corporate culture.

Single Session Therapy

Single session therapy is a one hour session with focus on a particular issue. Identifying where you are now and where you'd like to get to.

Together we will explore the issue and identify tools to support you going forwards. Notes will be made during the session and you'll leave with a written roadmap to refer back to.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies. Counselling tends to be shorter term (say 6-12 sessions) and focuses on present issues. Psychotherapy is longer term and includes the unconscious processes which may contribute to present day responses and beliefs one holds of oneself.

Mentoring approach sessions

Using counselling concepts alongside a collaborative mentoring approach working practically and psychologically to find resolution in professional challenges or during milestones in your life. 

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