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Psychotherapy is a talking therapy, however we can explore issues in creative ways too, which can include the use of creative imagination. Creative imagination can be particularly powerful in connecting you to your psyche, through art work, dreams and symbolism.

The first session is an assessment session, during which I will ask some questions to help understand why you have chosen to embark on therapy and what you would like to experience. It is also an opportunity for you to ask me questions and explore further what working together would be like. 

Once sessions are underway it is not necessary to work within a predetermined time frame. Perhaps you are aware of what you would like to explore and have a period of time in mind, or you may prefer to work open-endedly. Open-ended work can stop at any point, there is no set time scale. However, as important as a good start is to psychotherapy, there is great value in working towards a meaningful ending, too.

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